Tattoos and Lyrics

It’s a lyric from Paramore’s song “Miracles”. This is to remind me that sometimes I need to close my eyes and know who God is even when I can’t see the evidence.


Hell or Something Like It

I think the culture is afraid of what lies in the afterlife especially if it isn’t positive. We don’t want to think that we are bad people who are going to spend eternity in a bad place. If there is no hell, then there is no eternal consequence for our actions. There may be temporary ones, but those are far more manageable than everlasting punishment.

A New Dawn, A New Day

So I decided to move my blog postings from NeverTooLate to word press. Heard that I can get it out to more people. I will be moving some past posts as well as some new endeavors. Lately I have “stumbled upon” some great websites on the internetz.