A New Dawn, A New Day

So I decided to move my blog postings from NeverTooLate to word press. Heard that I can get it out to more people. I will be moving some past posts as well as some new endeavors. Lately I have “stumbled upon”  some great websites on the internetz.  I have been following a blog on this creative networking site called Behance. This particular artist has been posting a new piece everyday. Everyday, no matter how good or bad, creating and posting something new. So in the great tradition of artists before me, I am ripping off his idea. Starting tonight I am working on a new piece. Instead of haveing one piece everyday, I am going to show the piece in photos as it progresses and also post multiple types of art (ie poetry, music, show times, photography, crotcheting). Here is the photo of what I have done so far. (Taken by Alex Mo).

the beginnings... what will it look like in the end
the beginnings... what will it look like in the end


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  1. Hooray for using my photos! 🙂

  2. James Duffield April 2, 2009 — 7:03 AM

    This is a really amazing endeavor; I will pray with all purposfullness that this is a jumping off point for you. I think that this will be a great thing for you, and is actually inspiring when you think about what it is your going to try and do. I hope that one day I am able to rip this idea off of you, but I will need to see some more posts so that I can gain that confidence that you are displaying.

    First about the post great picture Alex. The second is that that looks cute. Do you have any idea what it is for? And did you buy it assembled like that or did you build it as well?

  3. Well done, Katie! You’ll keep it up because it will stretch you and bring you closer than ever to what you really want to be doing! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!!

  4. Okay, I will link to your blog from mine, but my blog isn’t religious and isn’t for everyone. :p


  5. This is so awesome! Very unique!

  6. Nice work Katie!

    I understand your need for creative expression. While mine seems go to toward the direction of efficiency, space saving (re-designing the work space in the computer room and the garage), I still enjoy the sound of my guitar and what comes out of me when I allow it.

    Keep it up and let me know if you need any woordworking tools.

    Your brother,
    Joe E.

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