Palm Sunday

28 years ago, I was born on Palm Sunday. While Palm Sunday changes days every year, my family has always celebrated this day as my biblical birthday. My mother wrote this poem for me today and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Palm Sunday—April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katie

God you gave us this beautiful tiny newborn
On Palm Sunday…
Some cultures and Christians give their babies Biblical names,
But You, Lord, gave us a Biblical birthday…
No matter when her April-calendar date appears—her true birthright—
Palm Sunday is the day you gave her as her beginning, her breath of Your breath breathed onto my cheek and this soul entered into the Passion
She thinks she has struggled to choose You.
You chose her. You sainted her at birth with her Guardian Angel’s wings
The spirit always there to smile into two willing, loving earthly parents’ eyes.
At that moment, we saw heaven’s promised light on earth for the first time.

A nurse named Ruth, whom I called out to as my Biblical mother in my labor pain, laid her on my naked breasts, a baby covered in the blood of my womb.
From that minute, I knew eternal love, love everlasting,
She was washed and wrapped and placed into her father’s cradling arms. Never have I loved him more than when I witnessed the countenance of Christ on her father’s face.
He had witnessed our labor, the crowning of her head, the slap that made her take her breath; I had felt her every push to leave my body—we had fought together the birth canal battle and we had our single cord cut…we have always known that connection

And on this twentieth-eight day of her life’s celebration and the crowning of You, King,
She made the promised wake-up call to her mother.
In my sleep, my forgetfulness, today she said, “Happy Palm Sunday, Mother.”
And, I, said, “Happy Birthday, Katie.”

Breath of Life, Oh Lamb of God, You take away all the sins of the World.
Thank You, Lord, for giving me Katie on Palm Sunday,
A Perfect Picture of Your Passion.



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  1. James Duffield April 5, 2009 — 8:35 PM

    So good.

  2. that’s so beautiful it almost hurts, not fair trying to make grown men cry like that

  3. Beautiful. Happy Honorary Birthday, love.

  4. happy birthday friend!


  5. Wow….that was absolutely breath taking. As a mother, I connected with every word. I could feel the warmth of the love that your mom has for you….no doubt that this was written in the Spirit. Happy Birthday by the way… sorry that I missed it! Love you girl.

  6. This is a beautiful poem. I am sorry I did not know it was your birthday this last sunday. I am sorry you wern’t feeling well also. It always stinks to be sick on your birthday. Happy late Birthday Katie we love you and appreciate all the warmth and joy you bring with the various talents you use at church.

  7. that was beautiful you know your moms love for you is neverending!!

  8. That was amazing and heart touching. God bless you and Hope this birth year is filled with great thing for you. Thanks again for everything you do!!!!!!! Love you

  9. wow that was great. my grand daughter was born on april 5 2009 palm sunday, and i also Thank God for her. God bless you

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