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So as I promised before, I have been trying tp do something artistic and creative  everyday and have decided that Sundays I would take a rest. I am two short out of the nine days. Here is an update of what’s been done in no particular order…

a rough draft on word art
a rough draft on word art


clean version
clean version
burned version
burned version


Video I made for weekend service…

Written art:


Returning to the places of my childhood

has become significantly sorrowful

As theses places are no longer

what they once were

They are not home 

not familiar

They no longer bring comfort 

or surround me with a sense of holiness

or engulf me in the innocence of youthful memory

No They only bring longing

A sort of homesickness

and frankly

I have enough of those places

So this is the last time to remember

and the last that I return to them


There is one more poetry piece and art piece I still need to upload. Enjoy. These are just rough pieces. Where would you go with them?


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  1. Glad you are following thru on the commitment. The poem is well done, good job.

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