Tattoos and Lyrics

In honor of my birthday and as a way to be artistic, I am getting a new tattoo (which I have designed myself). Still looking for a place to do it, but here it is…


I will post a pic tonight when it is done. It’s a lyric from Paramore’s song “Miracles”. This is to remind me that sometimes I need to close my eyes and know who God is even when I can’t see the evidence.


4 thoughts on “Tattoos and Lyrics

  1. when you designed it, did you have a particular place in mind to put it? Your purpose will make a tattoo of that size tricky to place and still be legible, but I look forward to where you decide to place it

  2. Hey! Aren’t you supposed to be updating this thing every day? Where are the new artistically inspirational pieces to read??

  3. Paramore are my favourite band and I’m probably going to get some of their lyrics tattoed on me. Miracle is actually my favourite song of theirs. Can you post a picture of your tattoo? 🙂

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