Burning on Both Ends

Man… I completely spent. You know that feeling that comes right before you break. It’s not a feeling that recognize often. I usually miss it because I break before I have a chance to identify it. It’s a warning sign… SLOW DOWN… Whenever I feel that, the play “Our Town” runs through my head. I remember the scene where Emily has died and she has the option of going back to the past. She goes back and she realizes that it goes by so fast. She can’t slow it down no matter how hard she tries and it’s heartbreaking. Everyone is missing the moments.

I wonder how many moments of my life I have missed because I always going to the next thing…

Well, something has to give. I need to be able to enjoy where I am at and be engaged in these moments. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Inspiration of the day:

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  1. realizing this is easy. Disciplining yourself to do something about it? Not so easy, but you can do it one day at a time – just learn to say NO when opportunities come along that will overextend you 🙂

    p.s. it’s also easier to hear God when you’re not rushing to the next thing…

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