Day 4

When I was just little girl

I kept Jesus in my pocket

with Barbie’s hair brush

and my glitter pen to write down lyrics

Because kids always keep the best and most precious things on them

for fear of them becoming lost


But just like so many accessories, poems, and hair ties

Jesus was constantly misplaced

I could never remember to take good enough care

My valuables were never valued

Until I couldn’t find them anymore

And like any good kid, the tears would come

and my heart would break over my stupidity and carelessness

because my actions and heart never matched

I cared but I was careless


And while I’d like to think things have changed since I was seven

That I have changed

I keep forgetting Jesus

the way I forget that dollar bill in my jeans

only to find it (and him)

when something needs to be cleaned



here I am

crying childlike tears

trying to find what’s precious




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  1. Thanks Jeff Grindley ( for your suggestion… I revised it just now.

  2. Wow….your poem was absolutely heartfelt!!! Thank you for putting the childlike innocence in perspective with the carelessness of our most valuable attribute…Jesus.

  3. You can feel the emotion behind this poem. Very honest. Excellent.

  4. That was great. I really liked the way the juxstapositions worked out- dollar bills and Jesus are both things that you find in your pocket when something needs to get cleaned. Sweet.

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