when bowing your head to pray

do not pretend about anything

for this is not a place for actors

you are not on stage awaiting your next line


this is holy ground

take off your shoes

and be you


if you have doubt,

say it

if you are angry,

say it

if you don’t believe,

say it

if you feel like he has forgotten you,

say it


do not fake faith in this moment


be who you are

where you are


lies are unbecoming

and do not convince you or God of anything

dishonesty has no place between you and a deity

He loves doubters and believers the same

as long as they are genuine



you cannot lie to a holy God

He already knows


be like the Roman soldier

who half-heartedly wanted a miracle

(don’t we all half-heartedly want a miracle)

match your words to your heart

“I believe, help my unbelief”


when the truth is spoken,

it will feel foreign

but it will free you to feel whole again

this is the language of holy love

speak it boldly with a humble heart


leave your pretense and “suppose to be” outside the door

for intimacy without honesty is cheap and unfulfilling

a one night stand


prayer and God are too holy for that

you are too holy for that


be who you are

where you are


and God will reveal who he is

where he is

in return


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  1. I love this simple, honest and loving poem.

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