Sogobi- a poem for my home


preface: sogobi is the Shoshone word for dirt. Paiutes and Shoshones were the first nation tribes of my home state of Nevada. I wanted to honor where I came from but acknowledging that it was there before I was even thought of.

I have grown from

Dry dirt

Crimson clay

Cactus choked

From the dust of ancestors

Renegades & 1st nations

Ranchers & refugees


The drought of wet

Produced well springs of determination to create something of my own

At times at the expense of others


I will make my own

Drown doubt

With floods of winds


This climate killed many before me

But today it cools me


My blood xerophilic

I adapt and change and move


Chameleon- my heart

Desert- my song

Ocean- my daydream


Past & future in perfect collision


Like thunder and lightning

They are ordered but one


I am

It is


And one day all will end

Ezekiel with bone returning to ground

Rising sun burnt sage


Blessing beginning

Of next life




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