Poem Revised

About 6 years ago, I wrote a poem entitled “The Real F Word”.  I wanted to read it tonight at an open mic night in Chino. (You are welcome to join me at The Legacy Room in Chino at 7 pm 01/10/17). I was inspired to revise it. It is now called, “Days”.



with the blunt end of your tongue

and the sharp end of your actions

You cut me

Gutted me

of trust and love and hope

Like deboning a fish

as if it was just something to choke on

I’m hurt

Bled out

Cold and broken



I stitch each wound

Inch by inch

Clasping my bitterness to my pain

Into something new

I whisper “Forgive”

sputtering on the down low

Again, I breathe “Forgive”


“I forgive you” inhaling each letter

swallowing each word

until I’m convinced


“I give up”

I give it all up

Leaving forgiveness to sleep

spooning with my tears tonight

More than a one-night stand

Causing freedom to dream unbound


with each sob



I’ll cry a little less

and a little less more

no longer stuttering and choking

on the bandage of my wound

no longer dwelling on the scab

beginning to not remember from where it came

I’ll speaking convincingly with confidence


“I forgive”

Until the word reaches past tense

Intensely, intently becoming “Forgiven”


The day after rest

I’ll forget to notice

That these wounds have healed

Transforming dead skin into memories


stinging a little less

I say “I have forgiven”

No longer a lie

but a truth deepened in each syllable

It is then I will claim my new name

And yours…



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