Memory Returned

Memory is a strange thing.

It lies just beneath the surface like deeply rooted sprouts that have not yet bloomed

Awaiting their turn to meet the world 

And bask in the warmth of summer solstice days


When you emerged after years of changing 

and maturing 

and growing, 

your memory blossomed as fresh as the day we met. 


New yet familiar


You and everything you meant flashed flooded in 

A monsoon on my desert heart

A cliche of rain


Reminding me that once, 

I was young and thirsty 


Today I drank you in 

Everything that was good came home

All that I could not leave behind



Guitar strings played Vivaldi

Ecclesiastes rang true

There is a time for every season

And this season baby is you


This time I will not forget.


I will not forget 

The way you eat your eggs with mustard

Or The way you say fuck when irritated at stupidity


I will drench myself with the depth of your voice

and how it says my name that way one only speaks their native tongue…



I’ll remember the way you are always right even when I want you to be so wrong

After Long nights of rehearsals ending in rolled eyes and 24 hour diners 

Recollecting You hustling in the Vegas heat after class

because God forbid you did not carve out your own way


I will not forget that fact you remembered our last encounter

and carried it with remorse knowing we were both better than that


Instead I will tattoo Dylan lyrics on my wrist

to remind me that your touch breaks me like a little girl 


You have made me fragile again

Precious and cared for

And I did not remember it was possible to feel that way


But I do 


You have come back to me dear memory

You never really left me


Let’s reminisce

Please take a seat 

Stay a while 


and drink me in

For I am overflowing



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