The prayer of Ava

Below is a poem I wrote while at the LACMA in January. They are currently showing YZ Kami’s work on prayer. Before me stood this large painting of a black woman named Ava, her eyes closed, her smile peaceful, slightly blurred yet clear. What came next was the idea of meditation being God’s way of praying to us. There is something remarkably empowering in the thought that God communicating to us is prayer to us. Instead of us beseeching God to hear us and to help us and to heal us, God is beseeching us to hear him and to help him and to heal others. Paradigm shifted in me. Here’s to hoping that this is  true.

Click here to see the piece.

The Prayer of Ava

Oh holy Ava

blessed vision of soul

trapped skin of burnt sienna

closed eyes in peaceful reverie


Dear mother of meditation

Hear the prayers of your God

who whispers freedom for all

who chants release for the disenfranchised

who sings healing over the sick and broken


Oh holy Ava

woman of all

Redeem the Lord’s call

for redemption and fulfillment of deity’s intention

Creation is aching for your touch


Blessed portion


Do you hear the maker’s prayer for your movement in this moment?

Will you answer this God’s plea with yes?

Will you be present with him?


Dear Ava

Be here now

Be heard now

Be her now

Glory forever and forever

Amen Ava



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