National Poetry Month: Day 1


-smoking, onlookers, pretext, agency, madness, corridor, bustiest, flung, storming, gracefully (from online text of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman)


The Hustle (Or When He Arrives)

When he arrives

His silhouette called to me from the corridor

“Come here my sweet one” etched gracefully into the very lines of his stance

He was beauty chased by longing

no… be fair… he was more than that

It was I that flung the pretext of him being pure sex

like the discarding of one’s clothes before bed

Wanting him to call me

Hoping for him to call me to play a little game of cards


He, in all his unholy glory, was just him

And I…

I was storming the lonely into wanton madness


As he steals the seat beside me

I will pretend to not notice onlookers stealing glances of him

He is no criminal

As I give him what he takes, freely

My heart or my desire

He, more con than thief

More maverick than looter


He is a smoking gun

but I am no fool

I know this game too well

Pocket aces only look good

when a flush of hearts is not in play

And he has the jokers up his sleeve

I will go all in

Hoping he will too

winning the whole of me



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