Day 2 of 30: National Poetry Month


escape, cadence, faded, faith, claim, baseless, elated


What Does He Require

I am over the faded faith of baseless claims

of half truths and institutions

I scream against the cadence of “fall back line good solider”

I don’t think I’ll ever march again


My mind is elated and unfaded

Escapism is no longer a choice I can make

I care too much to ever go back

and your claims of alternative facts

don’t impress me

I am not the base you are looking for

and you are not the foundation of my security


I am no longer ambiguous

The truth follows me like a train of the veil of my marriage garb

exchanging vows to what’s holy with the cadence in waltz time

No divorce in sight

no surrender

no escape


Fade claims.

I command you!

Let faith in mercy and justice and humility

Reign true


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