Day 3 of 30 Poetry Challenge

Pick a spiritual figure that you admire i.e. Mother Theresa, Elijah, etc. Now go to the Wikipedia page about that the figure. When you find someone on that page that you know nothing about, investigate that person. Write about that person. Thank you to A.J. Moyer for this prompt.

I picked Paul and read about Priscilla & Aquilla. I definitely need help with this one.

Planting their stakes to the ground

Pitched deep in the foundation

His is for hers

Hers is for his

They, in the depth of deity and humanity

Priscilla is his queen

Aquilla her equal

Theirs was a vow of marriage to ministry

Builders of tents

Makers of home

They made straight

those who lost their way

Exiled by her diversity

Exampled for their faith

Excited by shared vision

He was hers

She was his

They were God’s

A tripod for covering

Embellished by love

And we are all better for it


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