Day 6: Pop Music


“When it hurts this good, you gotta play it twice.”- Vice by Miranda Lambert

Dylan’s voice echoes off the walls of another dim lit bar on another Wednesday evening at another not so happy hour

Sipping whiskey out of chipped glasses is fitting

Imperfection in voice and vice

I take the pain in small doses and swallow your memory in tiny increments because it tastes less sour that way, less like you

Bob wails about being on the run in Acapulco and I’ve never heard a better plan

But my wallet and my suitcase are far from full not unlike my heart

You’ve been gone a year now

Yet I still check up on you online

My heart still likes ripping open these wounds but it still needs the anesthetic to ward  off the infection of divorce

I would run if I could

Disappear if possible

Instead I put the dollar back in the jukebox and plan my imaginary escape

Drawing maps on my tongue with another round

When it hurts this good, you gotta play it twice


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