New Piece: To Those Believing You Are Trapped in the Dark

To those believing you are trapped in the dark

(Or a note to myself)

Once you exited the womb
you entered a world full of light
your world before was small and wet and dark
kicking and screaming
traumatically we all enter a world of bright
opening eyes for the first time
exposed to lights of many kinds

The bright has always been
let me say that again
the bright has always been
it did not begin
just because we did

over time we became less sensitive
taking for granted that it comes
whether as burning balls of gas
or fire’s flaming dance

the bright is always there
and it is light that makes things happen

light changes things

when sunlight glows bright against our skin
uvb rays shouts “double time!” to vitamin d in the body helping it ward of cancer and aging, death and dying

light changes things

experiment with light and color therapy,
and melatonin blooms bigger in the body

light changes things
when refracted,
light goes to a different wavelength
and changes how we see the world
colors intensify or fade
no Instagram filter needed

light changes things

and the dark
well it has it’s effects too

the dark stops things

the darkest depths of the ocean hold mostly predators that feed on what gets down there by accident and we as humans do not even have the ability to go that far dark yet

the dark stops things

when the sun shows its face so rarely in the winter, the chemistry of our brains slow, wrapping depression around us like a scarf with no end
stay too long with no lights
and you’ll go mad within 3 days

the dark stops things

when plants are deprived of the light that feeds,
they begin to lose their color from starvation
then they forget how to hydrate
until they begin to eat themselves from the inside

the dark stops things

But this is not a poem to teach you
all that I know about the importance of the bright
this is a reminder

that the bright has always been
and is here now
take a look around

you are not in the dark

stage lights are emitting
reflecting your skin in a glow
and that’s just artificial

there is something more
the people you are connected to are radiating off of you
and it is changing you

take it in
and ask this question
where did it all begin

the bright has always been
and it’s source is brighter than anything before or since
it is the light that changes everything
so powerful and invasive that it took three days to rise
a dawning like nothing before
and when you experience it
it completely wrecks you
resetting your world, reframing the color of your story

this dark you think you are trapped in
it changes too
it’s no longer a pitch black room with no door in sight
or the apartment whose electricity is turned off by past due bills
it is you with eyes held shut
too afraid of everything you might see
it hurt the last time you opened them
this is not to say, it isn’t real
it’s just to say, to stay there is a choice
because when you live in the dark
you can only move forward a little at time before you bump into things
bruising knees
breaking lamps

don’t you want to move farther
live stronger
love longer

this light changes everything
the bright has always been
open your eyes
and let it all in

I will be performing this piece Easter Sunday at The Glass House in Pomona, CA. Service starts at 10 am. See more details by clicking here. 



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