Falling Apart from Us


Fresh love never feels like it will end

It’s fragrant, intoxicating

Lingering with you at first scent

When he decides that you are forever

you believe him

though age and experience has taught you to leap more cautiously than that

You want to be that naive

and he smells like a home you have never known


But you know that nothing last forever

and time is harsh on lovers

Endurance is a virtue that most people do not possess

When raised fists and loud words replace the whispers of connected bliss

its hard to remember why to stay


Just as the lavender fades each morning

love becomes a distant scent in the background

we  are desensitized if we do not try to make amends

You did try to make amends

He was too lost and hurt to try

and you can’t make someone stay to true to vows they only meant to keep with exceptions

You broke every exception

he did too


While neither of you would like to admit it


Falling apart from “us” is not a singular event

it’s a daily unraveling of two

petal after petal being plucked in a game of “he loves me not”

Until there is nothing left

but stems

and brokenness

and a memory of a perfume you cannot quite place

but that will break your heart every time it hits you.